WatEnergy Project was carried out by Generaciones Fotovoltaicas de La Mancha and it is presented as an autonomous, portable and easy-to-install hybrid alternative for electricity and drinking water generation. WatEnergy is based on a self-sufficient photovoltaic solar plant which was originally tested in Ethiopia  (Hare/Kebri Beyah), and has evolved to convert as one of the main of water generation solution in the world.

The project has been supported by the European Regional Development Fund through the INNOVA ADELANTE program with 49.735€ by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha in 2019.

Projects Mission

Access to electricity and drinking water is essential for well-being, healthy, social and economic development. Unfortunately, lacking them is a huge challenge in many parts of the world, affecting greatly people’s living conditions. For that reason, WatEnergy was developed to offer a stable alternative for drinking water and electricity provision.

WatEnergy can be defined as a decentralized, hybrid and portable PV energy generator which is equipped with the essential technology for providing drinking water autonomously. The solar generation is primarily used to power an integral atmospheric generator which generates up to 500 litres of drinking water/day. The excess power could either be stored or employed in productive activities such as milling, cold storage or pumping water.