Residential consumption

Solar Photovoltaic Energy, present and future

GFM implements the energy self-consumption in your factory or warehouse

Since the foundation of the company, GFM works and try hard to get technical and efficient solutions. Current prices of necessary materials and special devices for instan and direct generation make possible currently investing in an ecological, stable and lasting systems to save on electricity bill .

We offer our customers turnkey self-consumption systems , cost-effective and fully installed. The smartest way to consume your energy, free, clean and sustanaible.

Why installing solar photovoltaic self-consumption?

Energy independence . Become your own electric generator. Generate your own energy.

Distributed generation . Power is generated on site where consumption is, avoiding energy losses in transport distribution networks. They will not be large investments required in new networks and infrastructure.

The security of working with professionals. GFM offers the best team and the best products. Since 2004, we have a lot of projects under development and construction, installation and maintenance of solar parks.

Self-consumption connected to the network

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