Direct PV solar pumping

Water pumping up to your needs

Photovoltaic irrigation has been an ideal development for the needs of isolated irrigation, both for energy independence and for the needs when extracting water.

Here we find one of the origins of the solar photovoltaics. In recent years, this technology has achieved notable progress, giving birth today to a very efficient and economical product that completely changes the concept of traditional irrigation.

GFM is specialized in introducing solar energy in the agricultural sectors. After analyzing the needs and conditions that have our customers, from GFM always propose facilities tailored to the needs of flow and terrain features to offer the best solution, from small to large facilities fully equipped and high performance. Our technical staff analyzes and studies each particular case to provide the best solar irrigation at the best price, besides helping to save and improve their competitiveness.

Irrigation systems / Solar Pumping GFM use the best products, both pumps, such as panels and protective elements making highly efficient facilities.

For monitoring and management of these systems, the GERIS system easily adapts to all kinds of solar pumping systems, easily managed through a mobile app.

Get the most comfortable, safe and cost-effective irrigation. GFM's experience offers you the best solar irrigation solutions.


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