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Power stations compact GFM (the module itself serves to house the battery bank manager and investors, and support for solar panels), are viable and sustainable solution electrify any area and / or provide it with system pumping.

Main novelty

Its easy portability thanks to the fact that all the mechanisms are integrated in a metallic box and the connection / disconnection is done in a few minutes.

Features Suninbox

SUNINBOX Julia is an effective solution for electrification of schools, health centers, housing, irrigation, lighting and water purification, etc … 14 kWh, 28 kWh, 40 kWh, 55 kWh, 95 kWh, 120 kWh

Minigrid request a quote from Julia

GFM respect the environment

Trolley bags Photovoltaics

To connect small consumption where there is no electricity grid.

GFM Solar Trailer

A portable solution 9 kVA, uses the sun´s energy to provide electricity where there is no possibility of access and conection to the mains.


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