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In the current scenario the price and management of the energy in your business is significant

At GFM we are specialists in introducing Photovoltaic Solar Energy in your industry. After analyzing the needs and the necessary equipment, GFM proposes the best system . From small to large facilities fully equipped and high performance. GFM Solar systems use the best products from top-quality photovoltaic modules, connected to electronics, monitoring platforms and next-generation systems for more efficient energy storage in batteries.

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We check your consumption data and desing your solar photovoltaic system to get savings and an efficient energy system

RD 900 / 2015

Purpose: establishment of the administrative, technical and economic arrangements for electricity consumption as defined in Article 9 of Law 24/2013, of 26 December, the electricity sector.

  • Autoconsumo Registration Registration required.
  • Free: isolated installations.
Autoconsumo type 1
  • Installation generation connected to internal network (not RAIPRE needed).
  • Maximum power consumer contracted 100 KW.
  • Power generation facility <= contracted power consumer.
  • Title supplied = Holder installation generation.
  • RD 1699/2011 technical requirements.
Type 2 Autoconsumo
  • Two subjects: individual consumer and producer subject.
  • Generation facility connected to internal network interconnection consumer or share infrastructure or connected via a direct line.
  • Power generation facility <= Contracted power consumer.
  • Supply holder may be different installation holder generation.
  • If multiple installations generation same holder.
  • Technical requirements RD 1699/2011, RD 1955/200, RD 413/2014


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