Ethiopia - Photovoltaic plant Julia, easy maintenance

Hare portable solution installed, thanks to the work of local NGO Rescue team by the GFM specialized personnel at the scene.

This portable Minigrid that was dubbed “Photovoltaic Plant Julia” is easy to maintain.

Hare / Kebri Beyah, a farming community located in southwestern Ethiopia, home to about 12,500 people for whom water is a scarce resource that often have to travel several kilometers on foot to get it. Thanks to NGO Rescue and Generations Fotovoltaicas of La Mancha, and financing of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID), attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, energy consumption has led to the area.


Project Description

The area where this project was built is one of the driest on the planet. During these years, the extreme drought has caused a food crisis in the country affecting 5.6 million people. Population of this region are in charge of finding and collecting water in public wells serving both for consumption and for basic needs.

In this situation, NGOs Rescue, an organization that has more than 16 years working in the country to achieve the provision of basic water services to the population of the region, and GFM , a Spanish SME specialized in photovoltaic power generation and batteries energy storage, have come together to achieve access to basic public services in remote rural communities in Ethiopia.


Portable solution autoconsumo


Photovoltaic plant Julia, easy maintenance

Main goal

The aim was to find a simple and affordable system to extract water from deep wáter wells and carry it to the village to meet the needs of the population, preventing displacement there to obtain basic resources such as water mode. The generation of renewable and decentralized energy in remote location for consumption without fuel supply and power distribution networks long distance: A solar container provides an alternative solution.

The Minigrid Portable GFM

Compact power station with all the necessary elements: batteries, inverters, controllers and panels. It is designed, manufactured and tested by the engineering team of GFM, can be monitored via the Internet, so that the facility is always controlled by the expert team of GFM. Of course, in the case of Ethiopia as in any other case, a transfer of knowledge for proper use and maintenance is performed.


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